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During colonoscopy a flexible colonoscope is inserted via the anus into the bowel to examine the entire colon for polyps, cancer, infection and inflammation. This is a painless procedure with sedation provided by an anaesthetist. You need to drink a bowel preparation and have only clear fluids 24 hours before (no solid food). Colonoscopy is extremely safe, however all procedures have some risk. Perforation of the colon is a complication where a hole is made in the bowel. It is rare and occurs in less than 0.2% of cases. If perforation occurs, it may require abdominal surgery to repair the bowel wall. Care will be taken to avoid this complication. Bleeding can occur after removal of a polyp if you are on blood thinners. Anaesthetic risks are very small and will be discussed with you by your anaesthetist the day of your procedure. If you are also having a gastroscopy, this is a quick and safe procedure, with very little risk. There is a small risk of aspiration or wheeze (bronchospasm), which is reduced by fasting (no liquids) the full 6 hours prior to your procedure.


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