Bowel Preparation

Pico-Sulphate Bowel Prep

Pico-Sulphate (PicoPrep® and Picolax®) are popular small volume laxatives taken orally the day before your colonoscopy. These are available at most chemists without the need for a prescription.

Irrespective of the type of prep used, three sachets are required prior to your colonoscopy.


PicoPrep® is recommended as it is sold as a box of three sachets. Each sachet consists of white powder that is mixed as a drink with a glass (i.e. 250ml) of water. Those having a morning colonoscopy drink their PicoPrep® at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm the day before their colonoscopy. Those having an afternoon colonoscopy drink their PicoPrep® at 6pm and 8pm (day before) and 6am (day of) their colonoscopy. Those having an evening colonoscopy drink their PicoPrep® at 6pm (day before) and 6am and 8am (day of) their colonoscopy (see Table 1).



PicoLax® is identical to PicoPrep® although it is only sold as a box of two sachets, therefore four sachets need to be purchased but only three used (i.e. identical instructions as for PicoPrep®).

Prep kit C

Prep Kit C® may be required to obtain a clean colon for those with chronic constipation or those who have previously not had a clean bowel preparation with conventional preps.

This kit also consists of three sachets (A, B & C), with the second sachet (sachet B) containing Glycoprep®. This second sachet (sachet B) is mixed with 1 Litre of water and sipped slowly over the hour.


  Morning Colonoscopy Afternoon Colonoscopy
Last Solid Food Breakfast (Day Before) Lunch (Day Before)
Commence Clear Fluids (i.e. no solid food) 8am (Day Before) 1pm (Day Before)
1st Picoprep 2pm (Day Before) 6pm (Day Before)
2nd Picoprep 4pm (Day Before) 8pm (Day Before)
3rd Picoprep 6pm (Day Before) 6am (Day of)
Fasting Time (No liquids or solids) 12Midnight (Day Before) 7am (Day of)
Call & SMS to instruct start time After 10am (Day Before) After 10am (Day Before)
Present to Hospital 1 hour prior to start time 1 hour prior to start time
Discharge (Pick-Up) 3-4 hours after start 3-4 hours after start

Table 1. Checklist for patients having colonoscopy.

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