Defecating Proctography

Defecating proctography is often useful as part of the diagnostic workup in those with symptoms of obstructive defecation.

Defecating proctography can determine if there is a mechanical cause for obstructive defecation. Mechanical causes include a rectocele, where the rectum, instead of functioning as a straight tube bulges excessively in width. Internal mucosal prolapse (also called internal intussusception) is where the lining of the inside wall of the rectum is floppy and collapses on itself. Enterocele and cystocele are where small bowel or bladder compress on the rectum. Pelvic floor descent, is where with straining there is excessive descent of the pelvic floor, and loss of a stable platform. These mechanical disorders of the rectum can all be seen on defecating proctography.

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